Can Developing Countries Leapfrog Peer Countries  in Fiscal Discipline and Transparency? class=

Can Developing Countries Leapfrog Peer Countries in Fiscal Discipline and Transparency?

FreeBalance presentation at ESAAG event to focus on the governance opportunity in developing countries and the use of technology to drive PFM reform and modernization

Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) October 16, 2013. FreeBalance, a leading vendor of Government Resource Planning (GRP) software, has been invited to speak at the East and Southern African Association of Accountants General (ESAAG) stakeholders’ engagement meeting. The event takes place on Wednesday, October 16, in Cape Town, South Africa. The FreeBalance presentation will explore how technology-enabled governance can accelerate reform and promote good economic and financial governance.

FreeBalance experience has shown that effective and sustainable financial management software designed for government improves governance through automated controls, IT security and transparency. “Sustainability in government resource planning means affordable with reasonable long term costs or total cost of ownership. It means technology that can be managed by governments,” said Anne Ellsworth, FreeBalance’s Vice President, Africa & the Middle East. “It also means meeting current and future needs by adapting to reform and leapfrogging peer countries in fiscal discipline and transparency.” Government Resource Planning (GRP) is a necessary tool to support institutional reform.

GRP is software designed for the unique requirements of public financial management. GRP software is budget-driven through the use of Commitment Accounting, where the budget is the legal embodiment of government objectives. Commitment Accounting is used only in government and other forms of public financial management. GRP covers the entire government budget cycle, including Budget Preparation and Budget Execution. FreeBalance GRP solutions are being used by governments around the world to accelerate country growth with good economic and financial governance. In Africa, FreeBalance government customers include Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Uganda.


The East and Southern African Association of Accountants General (ESAAG) is the regional body of Accountants General which supports its members in adoption and implementation of best practice in Public Financial Management practices. ESAAG holds an International conference every year to which its members and non-members are invited. The objective of the conference is to appraise participants from ESAAG and those from outside the association of the developments in Public Financial Management Reforms. The conference is also an excellent opportunity for networking, exchange of ideas and information and sharing solutions. For more information, visit the ESAAG website.

About FreeBalance

FreeBalance helps governments around the world leverage robust Government Resource Planning (GRP) technology to accelerate country growth. FreeBalance software solutions for public financial and human resource management support reform and modernization to improve governance, transparency and accountability. Good governance is required to improve development results. FreeBalance solutions are active in 22 countries managing more than a quarter trillion ($US) in annual budgets worldwide. For more information, visit the FreeBalance website.


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