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Cost Effective and Sustainable Reform

Ensuring that a country’s Public Financial Management (PFM) investments are sustainable is core to the FreeBalance purpose-led mandate of improving citizen wellbeing and combating corruption. FreeBalance is committed to maximizing the value derived by customers in order to promote effective public financial management reform.

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Government Capacity Building

Government Capacity Building

Our government capacity building services ensure that the software used within government can be managed by the civil service without the need to bring in external consultants. The services include training, upgrades and problem solving.

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Government Sustainability Services

Services and solutions offered are designed to build government capacity and reduce dependency on consultants and include:

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Supports more than software training and includes:

  • IT Technical Training
  • Adaptable Training
  • Advisory Services
  • eLearning
Capacity Enhancement

Capacity Enhancement

These services are designed to reduce the dependency on consultants through:

  • Onsite Help Desk
  • Onsite Mentoring
  • Onsite Administration
  • SWAT Teams
Product Maintenance

Product Maintenance

Supports new versions and fixes including:

  • Quality Enhancements
  • Product Upgrades
  • Joint Application Development
Solution Support

Solution Support


  • Case Management
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Metrics

What is Capacity Building in Public Administration?

Building public financial management skills is an important FreeBalance objective as sustainable PFM reform requires capacity building of the civil service in the countries in which we operate. We believe that skills development and continuous learning is core to enabling governments to achieve improved governance for inclusive and sustainable growth.

The FreeBalance Academy

We developed an approach for customer training, called The FreeBalance Academy. Consisting of online courses developed by FreeBalance and partners, augmented by customized content, this approach has enhanced our ability to build government capacity.

Mentoring Approach

Training is but one method of skills development. Mentoring plays an important role in building capabilities. Our international experts focus on building capacity with government staff. One of the mandatory deliverables of the A-i3+qM methodology is generic product training for government project teams. This provides the level of familiarity required to reduce unnecessary code customization, and has over the years delivered some unexpected benefits. This training is an ideal vehicle for mentoring because it answers the rationale behind adaptable GRP systems and how progressive activation can be enabled.

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