CSR Weekly News Digest class=

CSR Weekly News Digest

Top Corporate Social Responsibility news from last week, collected by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation Group.
THE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IMPERATIVE FOR TECH FIRMS: Rupert Scofield, President of FINCA, describes how social responsibility is not optional in the technology industry, in Techworld. He states: “the introduction of a social responsibility programme at any tech startup has another purpose: it signals to the market and any potential employees an intention to build a sustainable and enduring organization.”
CSR FOR SDGs: Mandy Ryan, Managing Director at Changing Our World, describes how companies can align corporate citizenship strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Triple Pundit. She introduces a roadmap for businesses to navigate across SDGs complexities. Meanwhile, Abha Malpani, also in Triple Pundit, describes how private wealth can close the SDGs gap.
LATEST CLIMATE CHANGE CHART: Kate Wheeling, in Pacific Standard, describes the latest NASA chart showing the very hot 2017.
ADVERTISING AND DISTRUST: Larry Alton, in AdWeek, describes how traditional advertising has led to an increased distrust in businesses. He unpacks the current situation and makes recommendations about how advertising can increase trust.


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