The advances of the KFMIS are very important for the PFM reform of the Government of Kosovo. …We have been working with FreeBalance since 2000. We’ll continue our cooperation towards continuous advancement of the KFMIS in order to drive public finances in the way of advanced management so as to be comparable with PFM systems of developed EU countries.

– Ministry of Finance, Government of Kosovo

Since 1999, FreeBalance has had a strategic multi-year relationship with the Government of Kosovo for the development, implementation and maintenance of the multi-language system (English, Albanian, and Serbian) Kosovo Financial Management Information System (KFMIS).

The FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ supports all ministries and all 30 municipalities, and manages the payroll of the Government of Kosovo.

The Government of Kosovo has achieved remarkable results in PFM reform with the KFMIS system being a critical component of the country’s democratic development and economic liberalization program. Kosovo has sequenced legal reform, improved governance, and achieved international PFM standards under difficult conditions. This has contributed to independence, IMF and World Bank membership, European Union accession processes, improving international assessments and increased recognition by global governments.


PEFA Assessment

The Government of Kosovo has achieved a significant improvement in the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessment scores of the years.

World Happiness Report

The latest World Happiness Report – our proxy measure for citizen wellbeing – shows a steady improvement in national happiness in Kosovo.

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