Accountability Portals

Improve citizen communications through government and ministry portal designs with integrated content management and communications strategies.

Open Government in Action

All around the world, citizens, investors, vendors and donors are demanding more transparency and accountability in government. Open Government means more than just access to data, it requires data to be easily understood, user friendly and accessible to multiple audiences. The FreeBalance Accountability Portals support open data and open government initiatives by providing an accessible platform for sharing government data with the relevant stakeholders. To ensure that a government’s budget is being allocated and spent in line with expectations, governments need to improve accountability of financial, procurement, and spending. This is accomplished by making government spending more transparent and providing more budget execution information to the public.


  • Citizens, investors, government officials can access from anywhere in the world
  • Supports a portal style interface that enables users to navigate through information
  • Enables the use of templates to provide personalization – logos, fonts, headers/footers etc.
  • Supports ability to publish static statutory and interactive reports

Data Simplification

  • Supports method that presents the COA in a visual format
  • Supports method that supports filtering, and sorting
  • Supports wiki or wiki-type help interface that enables users to find out more about COA elements such as explaining the government
  • Enables the user to view the assessment to see how much money was spent on that program or project

Budget Execution Information

  • Summary View ( Original, Transfers, Commitments, Obligations, Actual)
  • Detailed Budget View (Any fiscal year, View by fund category, directorate, program sectors, category or fiscal period)
  • Detailed General Ledger View (Any fiscal year, View by fund category, ministry, category, district, or fiscal period)

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