How to Justify Corporate Social Responsibility Programs (CSR) Part 4

Focus on Wicked Problems

In his book, “The Designful Company“, Neutron President Marty Neumeier recommends that companies should focus on “wicked problems”. This advice is particularly apropos for companies looking to enhance Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR). Certainly very important for For Profit Social Enterprises (FOPSE).  A Neutron and Stanford University poll uncovered the top ten “wicked problems” faced today. Mr. Neumeier defines “wicked problems” as “problems so persistent, pervasive, and slippery that they seem insoluble.”

The Designful Company

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It should come as no surprise that “Combining profitability with social responsibility” was found to be one of the wicked problems. Corporate Social Responsibility should take on difficult problems in order to rally staff to the important cause.


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