Government Resource Planning May News Roundup

Top GRP News for May 2017

MORE EVIDENCE OF THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF GRP. Simplified and comprehensive government revenue and expenditure data recording “presents significant opportunities for fiscal policy makers.”

IMPROVED MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC FINANCES CAN CLOSE INFRASTRUCTURE GAP. A United Nations report finds that improved public financial management in Asia Pacific countries can increase infrastructure investments from 4-7.5% of GDP today to the  10.5% of GDP needed to close the infrastructure gap.
WHY IS PUBLIC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CRITICAL? FreeBalance blog series explores the need to improve public investments and how software can help.
COULD EFFECTIVE PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AVERTED PUERTO RICO BANKRUPTCY? High deficits and rising unemployment lead to largest ever local government bankruptcy in the United States, up to $70 Billion of debt restructuring.
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT DROPS ANOTHER $142M ON FAILED ERP PROJECT. Cost to fix the PeopleSoft Payroll system rises to about $402 million, exceeding the $309.5 million implementation budget. Thousands of Canadian public servants have seen payroll errors, most of these are underpayments.
AGILITY IN THE RISK-ADVERSE PUBLIC SECTOR?  The ‘new normal’ is VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. McKinsey explains how agility can benefit public sector organizations.  Deloitte also published a report on using agile development techniques in government.
WORLD BANK CHIEF ECONOMIST SIDELINED AFTER DEMANDING END TO “BANKSPEAK”. In the “not the Onion” department, culture change is hard.
FRAGMENTATION AND LACK OF FUNDING FOR SMART CITIES. Public finance constraints like budget constraints, fragmented planning and slow decision-making hamper smart cities financing.


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