GovTech & Government Resource Planning News Roundup

Interesting government technology and GRP news stories from last week, gathered by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation group.
BREXIT SLOWING IT INNOVATION IN THE UK?  The Cloud Industry Forum notes that with Brexit, ongoing austerity and a new government, there is a risk that momentum and progress on the Government Transformation Strategy could stall. The government launched its Transformation Strategy at the beginning of this year, to a mixed reception. Story is covered by Derek du Preez in Diginomica.
PEOPLESOFT PROBLEMS PERSIST IN GOVERNMENT OF CANADA: CBC reports on hundreds of thousands of “Phoenix“  cases still outstanding, with thousands of new cases added monthly.
COST OF CITY SAP HR SYSTEM TO EXCEED $81M: Daniella Rivera of KIVA reports on more funding needed to complete project in Anchorage Alaska.
LACK OF IT MODERNIZATION FUNDING IN U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: Confusion about whether House of Representatives will fund update from legacy systems reported by Joseph Marks and Frank Konkel in NextGov.
DANGEROUS OPEN SOURCE IN FREEBALANCE SOFTWARE? FreeBalance blog entry destroys the myth of open source dangers in government. The commitment to open source by IBM, Infor, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP is highlighted. Governments that have open source policies are listed. The entry concludes by describing how open source is powering the future. @dalytics
HYPE AND GOVERNMENT INNOVATION: Policy Labs are believed to be in “peak of inflated expectations”, Blockchain is seen as the most nascent government innovation, Artificial intelligence inspires a lot of confidence (in some), New Public Management is – still – overhyped? Some interesting observations by Danny Buerkli and Farva Kaukab in the Centre for Public Impact blog.


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