Government Tech & Government Resource Planning News Roundup

Interesting GRP and GovTech news from last week found by the FreeBalance Strategy and Innovation group.
GOVERNMENT OF CANADA PAY SYSTEM PROBLEMS NOW PLAGUING PENSIONERS: Sara Ametrano at Benefits Canada reports that some pensioners will not be receiving pension and insurance benefits statements this year due to reported inaccuracies generated by the “Phoenix Pay System” used to pay federal public servants. This is one of the latest reports of problems from the implementation of PeopleSoft ERP.
NO END TO SPECTACULAR IT FAILURES? Better software and improved methodologies are not eliminating large information technology failures. Mary K. Pratt at CIO Magazine describes some of the larger IT disasters, many in government, and provides advice on how to improve success.
GOVERNMENTS NEED TO FULLY EMBRACE DEVOPS: One solution element to improve success in government technology is through the use of agile methodologies like DevOps. The editors at Federal Technology Insider invite participants to a September seminar on how DevOps could be used US government federal agencies.
SaaS BECOMING ERP PREFERENCE?: Cindy Jutras of Mint Jutras uncovers some nuances in the adoption of cloud ERP. Software-as-a-Service has become the preference among survey respondents.  Nevertheless, many ERP users are reluctant to migrate away from successfully operating on-premises implementations.
PUBLIC CLOUD COSTS 4 X CORPORATE DATA CENTRE? One reason for the reluctance of organizations to embrace cloud computing is suspicion about costs. Tim Crawford from AVOA provides a more nuanced view of costs and benefits to the use of public cloud.
IMPROVED GOVERNMENT SERVICE DELIVERY THROUGH CHATBOTS: Zack Quaintance in Government Technology describes how “chatbots” leveraging artificial intelligence are being used by government organizations to improve citizen service.


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