A Comprehensive Government Financial Management Information System Benchmark

Assess Your Government FMIS Implementation and Identify Valuable Improvements!

Background: Earlier today, a speaker at the World Bank FMIS Community of Practice webinar suggested that there is no established benchmark for government FMIS systems.

We like the checklist but thought that a benchmark needs more granularity. Our innovation and PFM teams worked together to update the checklist, and leverage as part of our A-i3+qM methodology1 that is designed exclusively for government and public finance advisory, implementation, and sustainability services.

We extended the checklist with content from the Commonwealth Secretariat Self-Assessment Tool that has some FMIS elements. And, we developed more granular elements with a more specificity, particularly in information technology and public accounting.

The bottom line is an IFMIS benchmark consisting of:

  • 20 TSA elements
  • 73 Core Functionality elements
  • 62 Ancillary Feature elements
  • 15 Coverage & Utilization elements
  • 145 Technical Aspect elements

The benchmark follows the World Bank structure with colour coding:

  • Black for original World Bank content
  • Red for Commonwealth Secretariat content
  • Green for FreeBalance content

How does FreeBalance leverage the template available in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel?

  • Communicates the current state of any government FMIS system
  • Adapts to evaluation weighting based on the country capacity context
  • Integrates with other PFM reform tools that we’ve developed

How do you get a copy of the benchmark and a short briefing?

There is no charge for the benchmark and briefing

1 About the FreeBalance A-i3+qM methodology

FreeBalance uses an ISO-9001:2015 certified service methodology called A-i3+qM – accelerated, integrated, iterative, implementation-focused and quality management system that has the following characteristics:

  • Government-Specific developed over 35 years of government-only projects, with emphasis on experienced teams, change management and capacity building 
  • Government Good Practices using problem diagnostics, and advocating legal and appropriate practices for the context
  • Integrated Product & Project Methodology that accelerates delivery, enables adapting software to meet needs, and eliminates the problem of orphan code through fully commercially-supported customization
  • Modern Effective Agile through staging proven scientific commercial practices that increase implementation success rates, overcome uncertainty, and improve communications

Services Portfolio

The FreeBalance professional services portfolio includes:

  • (ADV) Advisory Services: Set of governance, public finance, change management, program management, and IT advisory services
  • (IMP) Implementation Services: Comprehensive enterprise software and FMIS implementation service
  • (SUS) Sustainability Services: Capacity building, training, change management, support & maintenance services

These services leverage over 250 tools. Some are commercial well-known tools. Some are tools developed by governments, or for governments. Most have been developed by FreeBalance over the past 3 decades of experience.


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