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Introduction to FreeBalance

FreeBalance develops and implements smart Public Financial Management (PFM) systems that combat corruption by enhancing transparency, promoting good governance and implementing sound fiscal management. Our team built the only PFM solution designed exclusively by government, for government with the following principles in mind:


Our customers have achieved improved PEFA scores thanks to the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ and our advisory services.


Fiscal transparency is one of the main characteristics of PFM excellence. FreeBalance provides fiscal transparency portals integrated with our Government Resource Planning (GRP) software.

Good Governance

FreeBalance enables good governance through improved planning, transparency, accountability and fiscal effectiveness.

FreeBalance Accountability Suite™

The World’s First Global GRP

Across 45+ countries, the FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ is trusted to manage over $350 billion in budget dollars. This is more than just budgeting. Our solutions empower governments to deliver economic growth, accountability and transparency to their citizens.

The FreeBalance Accountability Suite™ is a flexible, modular financial management system that starts off simply but can scale to reflect the evolving needs of government and public sector organizations.

FreeBalance’s award winning expenditure management solution provides interoperable budgeting, accounting, expenditure and revenue management to drive effective decision-making across government budget cycles.

Designed with Government. For Government.

The FreeBalance Accountability Suite™, which provides GRP solutions, is the only PFM solution designed exclusively with government, for government. A flexible, modular financial management system with six base configurations, The suite can be scaled to meet the evolving needs of a country’s PFM reform program.

The Smart in Smart Government

Customer Focused Solutions

Customer centricity is not just a buzz word for us. Our customers truly are at the core of everything we do. Which is why we co-create our systems – we build with government, for government.

Why Choose FreeBalance

FreeBalance customers score better in their PEFA assessments and improve wellbeing faster, our implementations have higher success rates and our software costs less.

Five Year Total Cost of Ownership

FreeBalance software costs an average 225% less than Tier 1 ERP providers as shown in this analysis of the five year total cost of ownership including software, middleware, implementation, training and support, and in some situations, servers.

Five Year Total Cost of Ownership
Global GRP Success Rates

Global GRP Success Rates

FreeBalance has much higher reported success rates than other Tier 1 providers.

Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Assessments

FreeBalance customers have achieved an average 27% improvement in key PFM performance indicators as measured by the independent PEFA program.

Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Assessments
World Happiness Index Rankings

World Happiness Index Rankings

FreeBalance customers achieved an average 16.5% improvement in their World Happiness Index rankings compared to the global average of 6.9%.

Our team is composed of passionate and inspired people who build solutions that make a difference.

Functionality Beyond Development Schedules

Purpose Driven

FreeBalance is a purpose-led organization dedicated to improving citizen wellbeing around the world. We’re on a mission to make the world a better place and work with enlightened governments who are ready to take their PFM reform to the next level. FreeBalance is a proud signatory of the UN Global Compact.

Top Talent

Top Talent

Our team is composed of passionate and inspired people who build solutions that make a difference. With over 40 different nationalities in the team we pride ourselves on our diversity and are deeply committed to building local talent in the countries in which we operate.

Global Reach

Global Reach

We are citizens of the world. With teams across the globe we work with the full range of governments – from some of the world’s most fragile states to advanced economies like the USA and Canada. We don’t just sell products and services to countries, we build ties, we co-create and our customers become part of our community.

Ethics and Standards

Ethics and Standards

Working with governments is a special privilege that carries with it a responsibility to uphold the highest standard of ethics. FreeBalance adheres to the most stringent code of conduct that informs everything we do. In addition, our systems meet the highest international standards for fiscal management and accounting.

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